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RC FSK Freigabe ab 18 Jahren
Medium: DVD
Genre: Hardcore
Full Frame 1.33:1
Dolby Digital 2.0
Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, Other
0014363122114 / 0014363122114
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Private Superfuckers 07 - Waiting For You

Babylou First up, a quick-fire casting session with Babylou, an utterly cute petite girl with sandy blonde hair and a superb lightly tanned figure. Woodman fingers her, has her rub her own clit and she looks all dreamy as she does it. Naturally Woodman, who mans the cameras and does the knobbing too, is keen to get his dick inside this tiny, tight pussy. He fucks her soundly and it looks great. Then he lubes up her ass and fingers it some, before a short anal intrusion that seems to hit the right spot. But he`s saved the best to last - look at those big brown eyes looking up at the camera as Woodman blasts his load onto her sweet face. Her reaction after is quite charming too! Sunny Blue She`s young, blonde, cute, slightly curious in looks and completely adorable with it. Sunny Blue is another of Woodman`s discoveries, seen previously in Castings X and Superfuckers 6. This is supposedly her first sex scene, though from the way she devours the cocks of the four guys presented for her (Seb, James, Bob and Pascal), you wouldn`t think so. There`s no anal, no DP, just a wonderfully enthusiastic performance from a naturally horny young woman, conveying a real sense of genuine excitement. They take her in various positions but it`s the way she goes after those cocks that really makes it, not to mention her apparent delight at having them unload lots of come on her face. Sandra Superfuckers 7, like many of the series, has an apparently generous running time, but bear in mind a lot of that is taken up by this casting scene with pretty, dark-haired Sandra. Woodman and James Brossman chat her up in a shopping centre, and after coffee she agrees to go to the hotel with them. All well and good, but as the 100% BS narration suggests, she`s really not the naïve type that Woodman supposedly collects most times. This kind of undermines the premise of these scenes - a naïve youngster initiated into the world of Private anal sex as they put it, but in actual fact, despite a chic exterior that hides extensive tattoos, piercings and an over-made up look that doesn`t bear close scrutiny, Sandra is actually quite a hot girl with deep blue eyes that sparkle with an evident desire to do the deed. She might be more experienced, she might know the score, but then that means her tussle with James is all the hotter for it. Well, yes and no. It`s good viewing, but somehow it didn`t really turn me on. I guess I am just getting too picky about this stuff. Regardless of the dubiety of the set-up, the spark between Sandra and James is there and the sex is energetic and affectionate. She likes to suck, to ride on top and, after Woodman demonstrates his patented anal preparation technique, even to take it in the ass, so it`s all there if you fancy a peep at this one. Gaby Black and Monica Monica, a young blonde with looks that didn`t appeal to me, is dressing up pretty brunette Gaby (the cover girl) in some interesting white lingerie and stockings. The girls get quite interested in each other at first, and perform oral favours with some relish on each other. Then some chaps turn up - Bob, Alain and Chris - and get wired into the girls. Already Monica has made some noise, but nothing will prepare you for the incessant racket she makes this otherwise standard, if lively and generally agreeable, scene progresses. It`s hard to describe the constant noise she makes as she`s fucked, but when Gaby puts a dildo up her ass while a dick is in her pussy…it`s unbelievable. Volume suitably adjusted, you can enjoy the rest of the scene, with anal and DP action and Gaby`s very fine body and stockinged legs to admire too in the run-up to the mandatory come-spraying finale. Dita In the way that these things tend to confound you, I looked at French starlet Dita and thought o. I saw her in Matador 8 and she didn`t really appeal, and here she looks even less appealing to me in her PVC outfit. She`s blonde and busty but her looks are not conventionally pretty, to say the least, and I`d warrant that she`d be on first name terms with her plastic surgeon. Add to this the fact that this is one of those crummy fetish scenes Woodman insists on including here and I couldn`t imagine this being any good at all. So, like I say, I was duly confounded by what transpires - it`s actually pretty hot. It helps that Dita likes her co-stars Sebastian and James, it`s even better that she sucks cock really beautifully and truly gets into the respectably hard sex. Even though the strong anal pounding she takes gets too much, she goes back to sucking and fucking for fun and eagerly slurps up their spunk to end this horny scene. She`ll never be my poster girl, but respect is due. Ann Kiray I`d seen lovely brunette Ann introduce one of these Superfuckers before, and also in Fresh Meat 11, but this is a really good way to show off her talents. Sexually, it`s pretty straightforward suck, fuck, anal, DP and facial time, but Ann really makes this scene (co-starring Bob and Sebastian) with her winning smile and really beautiful face. I just sat back and admired her all the way as she takes on the chaps with some enjoyment in an attractive spa location. Like I say, the sex is okay but watch it to see Ann`s smile light up your screen. Overall I don`t think that I am the only one who finds the quality of the Superfuckers series to be patchy at best. It`s often hard to tell whether you`re watching Woodman`s special selection or his off-cuts. This might not be the hardest edition, but it is one of the most consistent and has a number of very respectable scenes. Technically speaking, I don`t always like the way Woodman lights scenes in the Superfuckers series, but this one is not too bad at all. Also in its favour are scenes with original sound - though in Monica`s case this is not necessarily a good thing as far as your hearing is concerned! DVD Comments The usual smart Private package, though I am getting tired of the same menu presentation being used - albeit with different pictures - for every Superfuckers. The extras selection is good but lacks those interesting backstage reports you get on Matador discs, for example. Okay, so they`re often little more than glorified trailers. Speaking of which, you get a few for this movie and others, as well as pictures, cast and movie information and DVD Rom materials too. As is usual with Private, there are a host of language and subtitle options for non-English speakers, though it`s hardly an issue in all honesty.
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