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RC FSK Freigabe ab 18 Jahren
Medium: DVD
Genre: Hardcore
Full Frame 1.33:1
New Machine
0001631740017 / 0001631740017
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I Love Lesbians Ten!

One of the best things about Randy West\`s I Love Lesbians series is his attempt to really capture both the emotionality and sensuality of lesbian sex on film. If one woman (by herself) is the epitome of love and romance -- then two together must increase this communication exponentially. Randy leverages this by using an impromptu let-the-girls-do-what-they-want style (to avoid a scripted feel), but his results are sometimes hit or miss. For his tenth edition, though, the action is primarily \hits\ with a truly outstanding opening scene between two nineteen-year-old blondes (one exploring her girl/girl sexuality just discovered a month before); some hot action between two Oriental babes for those of you (like me) who are into that sort of thing; a very fine tryst between two petite brunettes (both with flawless skin); and a historic look back at a very young Jenna Jameson in an early girl-only scene with Kylie Ireland which, even then, showed how much enthusiasm Jenna had for her chosen profession. For those unfamiliar with Randy\`s work, all of his movies take place in his apartment; so don\`t be surprised if you see camera equipment clearly visible throughout the scenes. But to his credit, Randy\`s lighting has gotten demonstrably better; with the settings -- and the girls\` fleshtones -- much brighter and more colorful. (It\`s amazing how much better pussy being eaten looks when the illumination is more flattering.) The sensational movie opener features two (blonde) newcomers to the business; Monique (who discovered the pleasures of girl/girl sex just a month before this scene was filmed) and Kylie Wild (who\`s known she\`s liked girls since she was six -- and who had her first orgasm with a girl when she twelve!). Both girls have shapely figures and very nice tits. The scene is lengthy and relaxed; the girls undressing each other slowly while massaging and kissing each other all over (especially on nipples and lips); with satisfyingly long sessions of knees-out pussy eating (with nice close-ups), and some romantic lay-on-top-of-me-and-stick-your-tongue-in-my-mouth kissing atop a colorful faux fur rug; both girls looking as good giving as well as receiving, and finishing in some truly rapturous face sitting and a nice one-lithe-figure-on-top-of-the-other sixty-nine; Randy putting the girl (Monique) with the cutest ass on top; both girls climaxing by finger fucking each other to conclusion, and kissing lovingly again at the end. The second vignette features two cute Oriental babes, Sunshine and Giselle Yum (one Thai and the other Filipino), the latter with a truly oustanding set of hooters; and both with very dark complexions (as if they had been out in the sun a little too long). There\`s some nice kissing and pussy eating up front; and a sexy sixty-nine in the middle. But the girls spend way too much time playing with dildos and (dispassionately) humping each other with strap-ons, so the scene, which could\`ve been much hotter, turned into somewhat of a snoozer. The third scene features Jenna Haze (who I had seen in Buffy Malibu\`s Nasty Girls #26) and Luna, two petite brunettes (neither of whom has an ounce of fat between them) who make love on Randy\`s sofa. Both girls look great kissing and eating each other in turn across Randy\`s faux fur rug; with the most memorable view being of Jenna sitting on Luna\`s face and showing us her really cute ass -- while Luna delicious buries her tongue within Jenna\`s delicate slit. The bonus segment with Jenna Jameson and Kylie Ireland (from Up & Cummers #10) features a young and overly expressive -- but still gorgeous -- Jenna Jameson. If you want to see Jenna eat some early pussy -- one in a long line of delicious twats she\`s probably tasted in her illustrious career (sigh!) -- this vignette will truly satisfy. As extras, there are multiple chapter breaks per scene, a slide show, and trailers from several Randy West series, such as Crazy About Asians, Up & Cummers and, of course, I Love Lesbians. For those of you enjoy your girl/girl sex in a more natural, interactive style -- Randy West\`s I Love Lesbians #10 is definitely an episode worth checking out.
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