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RC FSK Freigabe ab 18 Jahren
Medium: DVD
Genre: Hardcore
Full Frame 1.33:1
0020891600772 / 0020891600772
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No Cum Dodging Allowed

Perverts welcome to no cum dodging allowed volume 1. Prepare yourself for some true romance Mike John style. These warm hearted young ladies do ATM, DPs, anal, and most importantly swallow over 50 loads! Enjoy! Perverts welcome to No Cum Dodging Allowed Volume 1. Prepare yourself for some true romance Mike John style. These warm hearted young ladies do atm, dp`s, anal and most importantly swallow over 50 loads! Enjoy! Those lamenting the fact that Mike John’s exit from Anabolic/Diabolic means the end of the popular Down The Hatch series need worry no more. No Cum Dodging Allowed is virtually a carbon-copy of Mike’s old series, right down to the girls’ giving new names for cum-swallowing in between the scenes. For most viewers, it will only take about five minutes for them to realize what a goldmine Red Light has uncovered for themselves by adding Mike John to their staff. Most directors given the task of directing a series called No Cum Dodging would give us great facials at the end of the scene and leave it at that. But Mike provides us with facials (and swallowing!) at the beginning, middle and end of each scene, which means the girls on this title swallow up to nine loads in each of their segments, depending on how many guys they have been paired with. All of the girls on the DVD (at least part of which was filmed in Montreal) are foreign, and things start off with the very sexy-looking Mercedes, the same girl who graces the box cover for this title. Mercedes starts off by sucking Erik Everhard to climax, and then blows both Brian Surewood and Jon Dough to orgasm before getting involved in a foursome with all three studs. In fact, Mike John uses only Erik, Brian and Jon throughout the title, which not only means that these guys are the luckiest bastards on Earth, but also means they are pretty good at reloading, since they are asked to perform a minimum of three pop-shots in each and every scene on this disc. Up second is Megan, a French blonde who doesn’t waste any time getting it on with the three guys. What I liked about Megan was that she tried to save all three of the guys’ cum in her mouth before she swallowed it all down. That, plus the fact that she allows herself to get double penetrated during the latter half of the action! 18-year-old Patricia only teams with Erik and Jon for her scene, which is one of the tamer on the title, since it doesn’t contain any anal action. Next up is Amina, who tackles all three guys, gets double penetrated (including in a standing position) and seems to love to eat cum. Those viewers who find themselves drawn to Amina will want to make sure to check out the “Extra Smut” portion of the bonus material, which provides an additional 5 minutes of Amina in hardcore action. The next to last scene brings us dirty blonde Pamela who also takes on all three of the studs. Once again, we get a scene that contains plenty of anal and a lot of DP action, in addition to the facials and swallowing we have witnessed throughout the title. The last girl is 23-year-old Katya, who is one of the cuter girls on the DVD and is paired up with Brian and Jon for a threesome that includes a good deal of ATM action (ass to mouth) and more double penetration fun. As mentioned, the bonus features include an “Extra Smut” segment with Amina, and they also include a behind the scenes featurette, a “Romantic Review” (which is actually a cumshot recap section), a photo gallery and trailers for other Red Light DVDs. Almost all Red Light releases are good…No Cum Dodging Allowed is great! If you love watching girls swallow lots of cum, you can’t go wrong with this DVD.
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