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RC FSK Freigabe ab 18 Jahren
Medium: DVD
Genre: Hardcore
Widescreen 1.33:1
Dolby Digital 2.0
Coast to Coast
8713982000983 / 8713982000983
+++ ..DVD-RUBRIKEN.. +++

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Outcall Outlaw

The film begins with a semblance of a plot then loses it. That takes away from the rating, but the sex, friends, is hot. Seems Guy s putting on a party for an Asian client named Mr. Yokimoto, and goes to see Nikki, who runs an escort service, about getting some girls. From there, we never meet the asian client but do see plenty of action at the party. First, though, there`s a mysterious pool side scene with the gorgeous and little used Dallas D`Amour taking on Joey Silvera and Max Cady. She`s got the full breasts and hips and thighs that makes men lose their minds. She`s model gorgeous and takes an awfully nice mish from Silvera while Cady stands away and jerks off. Now we cut back to the office and Guy asks for assurance that Nikki`s girls are hot. To show him how hot, she bends over her desk and shows off some of porn`s more famous mammaries, at least the cleavage. Then she dives in and gives him a great, great, great blowjob (did we say great?) while Guy rubs her wet through her panties. After a whale of a doggy style sex run, Guy is satisfied that the girls are hot and signs his name to the contract, if signing a beautiful girl`s ass is binding in a court of law. Now we cut to Nikki and Jon Dough who begin to go at it on a white sofa. But before we get to Jon`s pop shot, we cut to Janet Jacme, looking resplendent in a shiny black mini-skirt, walking in on TT Boy. They`re at the party (remember that?) and TT has just finished using the john. Janet tries to excuse herself but TT says it`s a party and come on in. Before you know it, he`s running his thighs -- in a very sensual scene -- up her dancer-trained thighs and turning her famous ass around for all at home to see. He jacks up her skirt and grips her awesome g-stringed posterior and the hottest scene in the film begins, though TT doesn`t quite get into the doggy style position all male performers need to put Janet in. Why? She loves it that way and it looks just awesome. TT tells Janet she`s the finest girl at the party (we won`t argue) and she gives him a blowjob to rival Nikki`s earlier work before riding and taking a facial cum from the normally violent one. Next, we cut to Jimmy and FM doing a young woman with long black hair and a flat chest. This black woman must be 6-2 and she does a rather boring scene, just lying there and moaning. And after that, we cut back to Dough and Sinn finishing off their scintillating scene, with Dough going at his requisite 100 miles an hour piston fucking style. He cums on her face, but after a brief cutaway, Sinn no longer has any white stuff. Bad marks for the director throughout, but again, the sex is hot. Jacme`s devine and Sinn will make you want to jump through your tube. You`ll want to squeeze the charmin.
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