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RC FSK Freigabe ab 18 Jahren
Medium: DVD
Genre: Hardcore
0000732156396 / 0000732156396
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Ginger on the Rocks

THEMES: Story, Blondes, Nurses, Maids, Prostitutes. STARS: Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn, Christy Canyon,Paul Thomas, Peter North, Tom Bryon, Erica Boyer, Tamara Longley, Ron Jeremy, Nicole West, Herschel Savage,Heather Wayne, Steve Drake, Marc Wallice, Loni Sanders. This is the normal Vivid package with an older version of Meet the Girls that includes Asia Carrera. The menu screen has full motion video and is very sharp looking. Side two has the full preview package, out takes and the MTV pieces on the current Vivid Girls. Once they work the kinks out of the bonus material (Making it easier to get around and including full bonus scenes instead of just snippets) then this will be as good as any bonus package on the market. As it stands, it`s still a whole lot better than average. REVIEW- With Ginger Lynn making her long awaited return to the blue screen this month, it seems that the folks at Vivid had the same idea I did. Now is the perfect time to go back and take a look at some of her greatest moments before the retirement. When it comes to picking the very best Ginger Lynn title ever, they couldn`t have done much better than this particular movie. With a cast that reads like a roster of hall of fame performers, a master director and a story created by Ginger and penned by Michale Cates, `Ginger on the Rocks` has long been one of my favorite adult films of all time. It shows Ginger at her physical and sexual best and brings us a young Christy Canyon, Amber Lynn and the underused hottie Nicole West as well. Ginger is a poor little rich girl, living out her days with her parents, Paul Thomas and Tamara Longley. Outwardly, she would seem to have everything a woman could want, money, world travel and an army of men worshipping at her feet. As we begin, she is about to give it all up for a man her parents could never approve of. To set the stage for this wrong side of the tracks love story, we have to back to the beginning. We see the thrills of her fast paced life in a sex filled montage. Over breakfast, we see why the lovely young rich girl might be yearning for something beyond her perfect life. Her mother is controlling and actually seems to look forward to her trip to the doctor. Her father is passive, but clearly has a thing for their hot little maid. Ginger laments her boring life on the phone with gal pal Amber Lynn. Amber is a bit too busy to cry in Ginger`s coffee with her though. You see, she has Herschel Savage attached by the mouth to her ample tits. Amber looks fantastic here and attacks his cock like it`s her last meal. This is a woman who went on to do hundreds of great scenes, but she never looked any better than she does her. Great ass, amazing legs and tits that are still real and so perfect they defy description. She is also at her sexual best, grinding her pussy down on his cock and jerking him off with her sweet cookie. The high energy fuck ends when Herschel fires a load up from her pussy that actually soaks those amazing hooters. At the doctor`s office, Tamara finds that she needs to be more relaxed and aware of her sexual needs. Dr. Jeremy assigns his lovely nurse, Christy Canyon to work his patient up with a special regiment of tongue and vibrator stimulation. (Did Christy really just mis-pronounce clitoris?) Sadly, things get intertwined as we switch back to the house where maid Nicole is busy rubbing her sweet little pussy. Now, Tamara may look frighteningly close to a man in drag, Christy Canyon is spectacular looking, head to toe hot. She was around nineteen at this time and what a fucking body. Too bad she got paired with Ms. Longley, and it`s even worse that we keep switching back and forth between the scenes. I`ll be most pleased when we have rid porn of this hideous technique. When Paul Thomas walks in and finds Nicole fingering her pussy, he is overcome with lust. What can he do but help the super hot little slutlet with her growing sexual desire. Check out this cutie getting her lips around his cock. Ohhhhh, quick cut to the doctor coming back in to help his nurse finish off the treatment. With his long instrument, the doc probes deeply into his patient, but clearly can`t keep his eyes or mouth off his totally hot nurse. He even uses the metal vibe on her ass. Won`t that loosen up the uptight housewife. Paul and Nicole are in the middle of a rousing fuck, with the tiny tart bouncing up and down on his rod while he sucks her pert little nips. He bends her back in half and really slam fucks his little maid. Too bad we didn`t get to see this one all the way through. Back in the office, the doctor has come to his senses and starts fucking Christy. The girls do a great double blow job with Christy sucking balls while Tamara bobs her head double time. Nicely stroked popshot ends up all over her mouth and running down into Ms. Canyon`s hair. Proving that the apple doesn`t fall far from the tree, we see Ginger with her mouth full of Peter North`s cock. It`s huge in her hands, but Ginger works it with her fingers and tongue like she was born to suck dick. Her voice is angelic as she coaxes more and more passion from her partner. After he eats her for a bit, Ginger gets on her hands and knees and begs for cock. Right at this great moment, we cut away again. This time, it`s to watch Tom Bryon paying working girl Erica Boyer for a bout of ass pounding sodomy. They quickly catch up to Ginger and Peter, but there is a big heat difference between the two scenes. Greasing up her ass, Erica really earns her money, taking Tom`s big cock up her backdoor with hardly a shudder. She always was a fantastic fuck and this scene is no exception. While I still don`t like the mixing of scenes, at least this time we get two very well shot pairings to watch. People really should watch to see how the anal is shot here. It`s close up and damn it`s hot. Tom fires a blast of liquid lust all over her fine buns. For her cumshot, Ginger takes Peter`s cock in her hand, jerks him slowly towards her face and pleads for him to cum on her face. When Peter finally lets loose, he sprays a massive load up into the air. Ginger never stops jerking or cleaning the cum from his prick, even licking the jizz from her sticky fingers. The great sex just isn`t enough for Ginger and she legs Peter down easily. Hey, at least she fucked him first, giving him one final ride before cutting him loose. Wandering in a meadow to clear her thoughts, Ginger finds true love when she runs into Byron. He is everything she isn`t used to, poor, from the wrong side of the woods and just a nice guy. It`s love at first sight and Ginger rushes over to tell her friend Amber all about it. Amber may not be thrilled with the idea that her best friend is slumming it, but that doesn`t stop her from helping celebrate the occasion with her pal. They slip easily into a nice round of naked wrestling with Ginger riding her friend`s face to a frothy climax. Ginger breaks out a toy and really gives it to Amber, adding some super hot sexy talk to the mix. At the conclusion, the girls share opposite ends of a two headed dildo, closing out a very hot lesbian pairing. Ginger`s parents are less than thrilled by her choice in beaus. They do invite him for dinner, though and that should be fun. Mom and dad nearly have heart attacks when they finally meet the kind, but poor Byron. (If they only knew that he spent all his money on anal whores.) Though her parents don`t approve, Ginger is more in love than ever. They have to come up with a way to keep the two apart, and mom is just the sort of devious bitch who can do it. Dad is so turned on by her evil side that he jumps his wife. (I don`t know if I have ever been so turned on that Tamara would look good to me.) In the middle of this fast paced fuck, we switch over Ginger`s room where she is working out her frustrations with a work out. She looks spectacular in her workout clothes and can`t help but put her hands all over herself. While she frigs her sweet slit, Ginger dreams of fucking Tom. This would be fine if we didn`t have to keep switching back to Tamara fucking. Hell, just watching the solo portion of this is enough to make every dick in town hard and ready to enter that super sweet little pookie. To her surprise, Ginger listens as her mother invites Tom to a big party that night. The plan is that he will be such a huge embarrassment that their daughter will dump his poor ass flat. Tom sees through things, but Ginger convinces him to come anyway. The party goes much better than expected however, and Tom wins over everyone. Such happy endings can mean only one thing for Ginger and Tom. They slip into the back room and Tom slips Ginger right on out of her prom dress. Their long awaited pairing is super hot as Ginger nearly worships his hard cock. The pace of the scene is bit too quick for me, but Ginger looks great from every angle and is more than hot enough to make Tom forget all about spending money on professionals. I`d say these two are going to live happily ever after. Even with the scene switching, this movie still blows away most everything on the shelf today. Ginger Lynn looks fantastic and shows why she is the single greatest porn star of all time. Her scenes with North, Byron and Amber Lynn all rock the house. Amber looks as good as ever, Christy Canyon shows off the greatest set of tits the world has ever seen and Nicole West is cuter than any man deserves. There is a decent story here, but mostly, this is a well shot, super hot fuck flick. Ginger on the Rocks is one rod stiffening porn cocktail.
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