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Fallen Angel 1-4

Teil 1: Filmed in Chicago in 1997, and fueled by the IML competition, this is the first of the now legendary, multi-award winning leather series. A smack across your ass... a hand twisting your tits... a stiff cock forcing your hole open... you know what turns you on, and so does TITAN. Fallen Angel captures the intensity of sex between men who live their lives in leather. Flogging, piercing, spitting, dildos, bondage, mummification, plus all the fucking, sucking and big cocks you`d expect. Somewhere between heaven and hell there is a place - a place where leather is a way of life, a place where sex is a struggle for power and control, a place where the only winner is the man left standing - somewhere between heaven and hell there is Fallen Angel! Featuring 17 defiant, unleashed leathermen, including Kyle Brandon, Cole Tucker, Jim Buck and Steve Cannon, Fallen Angel has spawned several sequels, countless imitations and ultimately raised the bar by which all fetish films are judged. It`s One of the nastiest fetish films ever made, (TLAVideo). Teil 2: The Hardcore Sex Edit of Fallen Angel 2: Descending is a carnal vision that is fierce, hellish, and absolutely hypnotic. Named the Probies` Nastiest Video of the Year, this director`s cut, including unseen footage, maximizes the sleaze for uninterrupted viewing pleasure. Alex Stone is guided to a subterranean cavern. In this darkest erotic netherworld imaginable, a barrage of fevered leathersex lays claim to his soul. On a tower of steel pipe surrounded by flames, gagging slaves choke on extra-thick, extra juicy cock-slabs, while tight, meaty asses are slammed by brickhouse bruisers. Groveling, moaning pig-boys are trained or sternly roughed up, and the Master`s whip is fast and unsparing. The amazing finale is an actual cock piercing, scarlet blood splattering onto the stone floor. FA 2 has a cast of 18 delirious, insatiable pain-pigs and a running time over two hours. Filled with the cum, sweat, and spit of brutal sex, FA 2: Hardcore Sex Edit is an erotic nightmare that takes you into the darkest corner of the Titan underworld. Teil 3: A Two DVD Set, over 3 1/2 Hours of HOT, Hardcore Action for only $59.00! This is the Uncensored version of FA III that contains every single nasty second of hot man-sex we captured on film! Not available in stores, it`s too hot for them to handle! The eagerly awaited third installment of the ultimate leather and fetish video series is here! The TITAN team is thrilled to announce the release of Fallen Angel III: Initiation- the DVD!. There was so much great sex footage that, using only the very hottest of the hours of film shot, we ended up with a 3-hour, non-stop action video! Set amidst the trucking and shipping industry, FA III brings you big-dicked truckers, longshoremen, leathermen and a security guard having man-sex in warehouses, trucks, suspended from chains and on heavy equipment. This is the kind of hard-edged action you`ve been waiting for: Fisting, un-relenting flogging, bondage, torture, gang-bangs, sweaty fucks and throat-choking suck sessions! Teil 4: Be prepared to have what turns you on be challenged as you experience the extreme fetish sexplay of Sea Men (Fallen Angel IV). It`s director Bruce Cam at his kinky best. TITANMen Exclusive Dred Scott, in his first on-screen performance, drips a dangerous sexuality, as a sailor in port with an unendingly severe sexual appetite. Prowling the docks, Dred is snared by a dark world of explosive sex action that ranges from sensation to shock-CBT, saline injections, cock pumping, piss, flogging, an electric rake, plus lots of pain, dildos and fisting. All this plus a finale that`s so sensuously kinky it`s downright romantic, dammit, when Dred meets his match in the unbelievably buffed Adriano Marquez. Sea Men will change your perspective on the limits of sexual fantasy as it blurs the line between pleasure and pain. With a bonus disk containing three hours of cock-in-hand extras, there`s over six hours of harrowing joy in Sea Men-winner of five 2002 GayVN awards, including Best All-Sex Video, Best Gay DVD, Best Sex Scene, and Best Gay DVD Extras.
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